President / Master Carpenter and Home Remodeler

In 1978, I was working at a Gas station not thinking much about the future, except I always had fascination with renewable energy, passive solar design, and earth berm homes. I started reading about the green building movement. When a friend told me a about a relative of his who owned a remodeling business, that was looking for a helper, I thought to myself, ‘you have to learn construction in order to build these things’ That’s how I started and never left.

I apprenticed for several years before I became a licensed contractor in 1984. After I got my license, I continued to apprentice with another construction company where I learned about everything in and on a house. In my experience working as an apprentice to a home-builder, I worked hands-on from the foundation to the roof.

I was able to see the difference between building new and remodeling. Building new you are in control of everything, remodeling you have to work with something that is already existing it’s a lot trickier. I decided that I preferred to specialize in remodeling.

Often times clients will call to have us repair a job that’s been done one or two times before. What I often find is that those repairs usually involve more than just restoring something to its original state. Many times, I find design flaws that have prevented prior fixes from sticking. My job is finding the root of the problem, not just put it back the way it was.

Clear communication of the details is key. We strive to give our customers a clear understanding of all aspects of their home improvement project. If we run into unforeseen issues that need to be rectified, we will address those issues to complete your project right. I love to start a job and see it completed giving our customers an outstanding renovation that will bring nothing but the enjoyment and comfort that they desire.

I’ve learned It’s easy to get in and out and do something quicker – however if 5-7 years down the road someone’s tiles crack, or windows leak, then it wasn’t what the customer expects. Our priority is quality over speed and it doesn’t take much longer to do it right.

MHIC lic# 19303