Moving without Moving – ColorSnap® Visualizer for Web

You want a change, but don’t have the energy or inclination to move. This is an issue that many people who’ve lived in the same place for a long period encounter and with just the right paint color, changing out art work and decluttering – you’ve created a new space without having to move to a new house. Start small – with a room you’d like to utilize differently, or a space that has become a catch all. Hire yourself for a couple of days or a couple of hours a day, to empty out the space, throw out what’s not needed anymore, and donate the rest. Many organzations will come pick up everything from book collections to useable appliances, and furniture – so all you have to do is identify and log your donations, and schedule the pick ups. Once the room is emptied – then if you’re able, sketch out what you’d like the finished product to look like. Take measurements of the space so you’ll know what to tell the paint salesperson when you’re trying to determine how much paint you’ll need. Consider using a piece of artwork that you love as your inspiration piece – and build your paint colors around that piece.

Our paint of choice Sherwin William has an excellent tool for folks who don’t have time to go get paint samples Sherwin Williams  (our paint of choice) has you covered, with their Color Snap Visualizer. You can experiment from the comfort of your computer – a fun way for the whole family to weigh in on this important change. If you need a pro to do the job – Noonan Construction can help you there also.

Source: ColorSnap® Visualizer for Web

Linda Joy Burke contributing blogger