basement remodelOne of the most enjoyable improvements you can make is adding an entertainment area to your home. In many cases, this means basement remodeling, like the club-room look with a home theater or a play room for the kids. Oftentimes, a basement remodeling job also takes a utilitarian, unfinished space and makes it into a fully functional, warm, useful part of the home. The secret to a well-done basement remodeling project is working within the confines of the space. Creative use of space and the ability to work around existing structural—such as beams and posts—and functional features—like the washer and dryer—is crucial. Beyond that, the sky’s the limit: Home theater with stadium seating? We can do that. Children’s play room with conventient toy-storage space and kid-friendly materials? We can do that too. A basement bar for watching sports and entertaining friends and neighbors? We’ve got you covered.

Noonan Construction is your best choice for a brand new basement. We’ve got the expertise and the experience to finish off your unfinished basement the right way or to breathe new life into a dated basement design (we’re looking at you, 1970′s wood paneling).

Let us do a CAD drawing of your basement to show you all of the possibilities and turn that area into an enjoyable living space.

Our Process

  1. Project evaluation
  2. Are we the right company for your job?
  3. Preliminary measurements and estimate
  1. Estimate review
  2. Detailed measurements and photos
  3. Detailed take-off list
  1. Preliminary plans are created
  2. Plans are modified
  3. Final plan and bid are created
  4. First deposit is collected
  1. Finalizing details—lighting, flooring, appliances, cabinets, etc.
  2. Bid is adjusted according to homeowner’s selections
  1. Actual on-site project layout
  2. Trade review of project
  3. Project is handed over to project superintendent
  1. Construction begins
  2. Project site is cleaned and vacuumed at the end of every day
  1. Final punch list is completed
  2. Final cleaning for space to be turned over to homeowner
  3. Final payment
  4. Warranty follow-up