home-additionMaybe you’ve been in your “perfect” home for a couple of years now, and your family has started to grow. Or you want to add an office or studio space or 4 seasons room to your home. Our experience creating the right home additions means you’ll  understand the process and possibilities available in getting the space you’ve imagined. You can enlarge existing rooms by building out or you can add entirely new rooms and living spaces. The sky’s the limit!

Adding a home addition is more than just adding an extra bedroom or office though!  We have the perfect solution for outdoor entertaining, our unique stylish custom patio covers,  which comes in plenty of varieties and styles to choose from. Enjoy birthday parties, and family dinners, or just a quiet evening under your new patio cover. We can also help you with deck services. For more information on our deck services, click here.

Our experienced builders will guide you through our step-by-step process of building your new addition.

The Home Addition Project Process

Our Professional Construction Managers meet with you and assess the project by taking measurements, getting dimensions, and discussing your specifications for the project.

We submit plans and budgets to you for your approval.

We make any changes to plans or budgets accordingly.

We finalize the plans and budgets and work on financing and scheduling.

We acquire building permits and begin the project.

Throughout the building process we work together with you to make sure everything being constructed meets or exceeds your expectations and standards.

Upon completion of the project you receive all information related to the maintenance and important information about your new home addition.